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Greetings, and a warm welcome to you!

"Red, green, orange wool, Monster goes to knitting school"

You've probably already read my book, or someone has read it to you. Hopefully in different funny voices? Yes? That’s wonderful and very exciting!

Now you're probably wondering what my book is all about?  Please click on the flower to find out.


 ☞  About the Book.                                                  ☞  About the Characters 


Maybe later, with your Parents, Grandparents, Foster-parents, Uncle or Aunties, or Teachers...

 with their help, you'll be able to create your own litte monster, to tell your own little Monster story!!

 I could share it on my Monster website later ( with permissions of course ).

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 As i finished my story with the last words...


"This is were the story begins"


I would like to invite you to become a creative "little monster" yourself. 

You can use my three ( FREE ) PDF- pictures and turn them into your own creative design. 


So then, let's go and have fun! 


Now click on the little monster where it says "PDF files for download".                                                



 Before you start, look at my picture gallery so you can get lot's of ideas and inspiration ... enjoy and have fun!

click on the picture



It is best to glue the PDF on a stronger coloured piece of paper, so that it doesn't tear so easily while you are designing it. I used an adhesive spray, it works great because it spreads the glue evenly and glues the sheet on easily without bubbles, ask someone to do it for you, that would probably be a wiser thing to do.


Now you need different colours, paints or pencil, scissors, stickers, buttons, pins, feathers, eyes-stickers, different types of wool, maybe some old materials like an old sock or a t-shirt to cut out. ( Please ask before using your big sister/brother's favourite shirt or your mum's designer dress. Kidding!!! )


AND if you like a little QUIZ  click on this little Monster down below!!!

Let's go and have fun! 


Keep dreaming little Monsters! 





I would be very happy to here from you, and see your own finished little 

Monsters  design ...

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