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 What is this all About? 



My Name is Doris Hogan

and today i'd like to share with you


I wrote a little Book about little monsters  


Since I was a little girl, I love magical stories, to believe that fairies, monsters and witches are real.

I could swear I've often seen them hiding in different objects or in reflections from very old houses in their windows or in waters puddles. Sometimes in stones or moving shadows on a wall. Sometimes they were even talking to me in my sleep. There they showed me not to be afraid and to finally find my own unique path in life .

Often the next morning I suddenly could create lots of magical things with my hands, like using colours on paper or mosaic or sculptures.

Now after a very long time, I started knitting the little monsters to finally show them to the world and especially to you...

Exhibition and Workshops 

Click on the picture please   ;-)

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